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Project Fund , CC , OD , Bank Guarantee

Qolaris is here to help business visionaries start acting responsibly before they converse with financial specialists.

Bank Guarantee,Third Party Collateral and Project Funding are our expertise. We are arranging Bank Guarantee Limits , Bank Guarantee Monetization , Third Party Bank Guarantee.

Since 1998, we are giving consultancy support for Business Solutions, have been helping companies select, implement, maintain and manage their financial accounting systems. Our clients appreciate our personal service, our breadth of knowledge, our attention to detail and the deep understanding of automated accounting systems that our long history in this business affords us. Qolaris at your services by 24×7, One Stop Solutions Platform

After getting so much experience we Incorporated Qolaris in year 2018, Qolaris was formed with aim to cater growing needs of SMES and MSMEs on the financial part of their organization. We offer a spectrum of structured custom financial solution to SMEs and MSMEs taking into account their growth phase, capability and needs. Qolaris one stop solutions of all your needs

All Type of BG , Bank, Guarantee
Qolaris arranging Bank Guarantee Limits and Bank Guarantee

Qolaris at your services by 24×7, One Stop Solutions Platform

Qolaris one stop solutions of all your needs

Why Qolaris Solutions Private Limited?

  • Getting faster solution to your short term & long term prospects.
  • Lowest cost effective as compare to the industry.
  • Around 20 year experience in the same industry.
  • Have several tie-ups & strong relationship with leading Bank and NBFCs.
  • Good and complete presentation about customer.
  • Solution provide through innovation.
  • Result in real time

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We Provide Funding Against Third Party Collateral

We are providing funding Against third party collateral in 50-50 sharing basis.

Types of collateral accepted : Residential , Commercial , Industrial.

Area : Pan India

*This is try and tested way , which help the both parties. The collateral Owner and the Company how is taking loan on the behalf of the collateral.

*Its also a sources for the persons or company who stuck their property because of NPA. They can give their property in third party collateral , so they can overcome from NPA and also got fund in their heads.

*Don”t think call us for the solution ……

We Are The Leading Banking Instrument Provider In The India

Type of Instruments : Local Bank Guarantee & Letter of Credit

Issuing Bank : State Bank of India , ICICI Bank , Punjab National Bank …. Etc.

Value of Instrument : Minimum 1 Crore – Maximum No Limit

We can arrange BG , PBG & LC for one year and one day. Cost 15% of the face value of the instrument.

If Need Discounting/Monetizing : Cost 2% of the face value of the instrument.

*This is best way to get funds for your running business if don”t have collateral or if you not have bill discounting limits.

*We are here for you to solve all the problems about instruments and findings.

*Its a safe process and low costing also.

*We welcome you for the details discussions for what you are looking for , so we can find best solutions for you…..

We Provide Import & Export Documentation Services

We Care About your Cargo

QOLARIS is into logistics work with best Quality and Reliability taken care by team members. QOLARIS has an In-house Custom Agency at many Sea Ports as well as Airports.

QOLARIS has specialized in handling following services :


* Project & Machinery under EPCG / DEEC Scheme
* 100% EOU / STPI Projects
* Yarn, Polyester, Fabrics, PVC / HDPE
* Plastics & Pharmaceuticals Products.


* Ready made Garments
* Made Ups
* Fabrics
* Brass
* Iron / Aluminium
* Pharmaceuticals Goods
* Medicine & Bulk Drugs
* Break Bulks
* Factory Stuffed Containers under 100% EOU & General Scheme
* Plastics & Pharmaceuticals Products

Services provided by QOLARIS are :

* Pair Freight Services
* Ocean Freight Services
* Import & Export Custom Clearance Services
* Door to Door Services
* Backed by the expertise of a skilled and talented team with over 12-15 years experience handling export and import consignments.
* Multiple departments with functional responsibilities in Export, Import Freight Forwarding, Transportation and Packaging & Warehousing.
* Consultant Experts to handle problems in Customs.
* The freight Forwarding Department is dedicated to providing reduced freight rates to customers.
* No delay in processing the shipping documents and delivery of shipments through customs for Constant follow-up with Transporters, Shipping Lines and Freight Forwarders.


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