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Bank Guarantee (BG) Monetization

Bank Guarantee (BG) monetization program offers. We provide complete services for Recourse Loan of Owned Bank Guarantee (BG) for the intention of Project Funding. Also for Pre-shipment Funds for Exports, Funding for import, capital for business. It helps in to get Funds for Material purchase also Funds for Vendors Payments. Excellent options of Raising Funds for Start-up also for Builders.

Bank Guarantee (BG) Monetization

Bank Guarantee (BG) monetization is the kind of new generation funding programs. Its a is the best source fund generations in India also in abroad.

Bank Guarantee Face Value:  Minimum 2 Cr – Maximum 100 Cr

Discount Value:  Upto 85%

Rate of Interest:  11% P.A

Format of BG: Approved Format of Axis Bank or state bank of India.

Terms & Conditions

1. Bank Guarantee are open on the name of Monetizing Firm

2. Try Party Agreement are going to be sine by Bank Guarantee Issuer, Monetizing Firm & Beneficiary.

3. Monetizing Firm will charge 2% processing fees for the opening of Bank Guarantee (BG) Monetization


4.  Our service charges 3% which may be taken 50% on the sanction of Bank Guarantee (BG) Monetization Limit and rest 50% at the discounting of first bill.

What is Bank Guarantee and it’s Types ?

Bank Guarantee is that the style of instruments wont to give guarantee of payment to any party also vendor against the order executions or specific performances.

Types of Bank Guarantee

Forms of financial organization assure, There are two most vital sorts of bank assure utilized in businesses:-

Financial Guarantee / Monetary guarantee – those ensures are typically issued in lieu of security deposits. some contracts may additionally require a monetary dedication from the client inclusive of a margin. In such instances, as hostile depositing the cash, the client can provide the vendor with a monetary bank assure the employment of which the vendor could also be compensated just in case of any loss.

Performance Guarantee / Overall performance assure – those guarantees are issued for the performance of a agreement or an responsibility. In case, there is also a default within the performance, non-overall performance or quick performance of a agreement, the beneficiary’s loss may well be made good by the bank. for instance, a enters into a agreement with b for of completion of a sure mission and therefore the settlement is supported through a bank guarantee. If a does now not complete the project on time and does not compensate b for the loss, b can claim the loss from the bank with the bank assure furnished.

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